Woof & Co.

The Politics of a Pet Store

        The Beginning of My NightMare

  I replied to an ad in the Ledger (see below) for a Pet Counselor at a new pet store in the SS Plaza, which held 60 puppies. I started as a sales associate and was paid on commission. I began seeing the horror on the second day. After two months, I was offered a Manager position at their new Saugus store, which housed 90 puppies.  

    Once I was the manager, I had access to everything and anything I wanted. The trouble started immediately. The puppies were sick and dying. I focused on the puppies, but was reprimanded for not focusing on rest of the store.

    I took numerous sick puppies to a VCA hospital in my home town, where I trusted them and I spent over $3000 on each puppy. I took a total of  10 puppies, not all of them survived.

     I was fired for refusing to take a dog with Pneumonia out of the Oxygen Cage at VCA hospital and back to the Pet Store. The puppy was later adopted by an employee from the Braintree Store and he recovered.  

     This is when I began my quest to shut down all the Woof & Co. Stores.


    The Management  at Woof & Co.


Jim Dideo, President CEO

  Jim Dideo came from a retail giant unassociated with anything ‘animal’. He viewed the puppies as Strictly Profit. He suggested to me that the puppies not be fed in the morning so that they wouldn’t defecate when the customers came in. Obviously he wasn’t concerned with the health and well-being of the puppies, as if I did what he suggested - the puppies would become hypoglycemic and die. He didn’t care as long as they were clean.


Joannie Caska, District Manager

 Joanne Caska HATED PUPPIES & DOGS, as she boasted to me on several occasions. She was never concerned about the deathly ill puppies.

  One puppy had liquid diarrhea, and I mentioned that I was taking the puppy home with me to bring her to my former employer, VCA South Shore Animal Hospital. Joanne replied that the puppy would be fine if we could just get her to eat, as she FORCEFULLY squirted a mixture of canned food and water into her tiny, dehydrated mouth. Ignoring Joannie’s solution, I took the puppy to VCA, and the sweet little innocent puppy was too far gone....and prolapsed her rectum right on the examination table. I immediately made the decision to end her misery and she humanely euthanized.


Keith Hope, Director of Store Operations

  The most UNINTELLIGENT OF THEM ALL! What a huge misrepresentation if you only read his Title. Keith contributed to all of the sick puppies remaining sick by simply being IN CHARGE OF SEVERAL STORES. He was UNEDUCATED and IGNORANT, and was constantly spreading the wrong information to the also uneducated lay staff.

  Keith urged that Simple Green be used to clean everything the puppies came in contact with. Unfortunately, Keith FAILED TO READ THE LABELS on these products. Simple Green and Totalcide do not kill contagious canine viruses. Even after I brought this to his attention, HE INSISTED ON USING IT in all 4 stores.

 Keith’s idea of preventing canine kennel cough was to nebulize every puppy everyday, before the puppy became ill. Unfortunately, nebulization is only effective at breaking up mucus and fluid in the lungs, it has NO PREVENTATIVE HEALTH BENEFITES on an otherwise healthy puppy. This idea of his was quickly nullified.


The Hunte Corporation - Goodman, Missouri

  The two top players at  the Hunte Corporation were Dr. Beard and Dr. Oxford, whom I spoke to on several occasions. They also both also recommended Totalcide for disinfection. Big Mistake!

   These TWO VETERINARIANS also had no problems with using CATTLE LUNG DEWORMER, Benzelmin Oxfendazole, routinely to treat puppies for intestinal parasites, in which it has ZERO EFFECT for killing Canine Intestinal Parasites.

   Naturally, a large corporation increases their profits by utilizing inexpensive drugs, and staff. A dangerous and contraindicated ‘cocktail’ of drugs are used to PERFORM SURGERIES on puppies eight weeks pf age. This combination of drugs, Rompum & Ketamine, produced HORRIFIC & DANGEROUS SIDE-EFFETCS that only multiply when the puppy is left alone in ECHOING & COLD Stainless Steel Cages... without a blanket.

     This is TOTAL DISREGARD for the Health & Well-Being of All Puppies!


IN SUMMARY: As you can see, a Collection of IGNORANT (Top Ranking) People continue to do SERIOUS HARM to Young & Innocent Puppies.


Inside The Hunte Corporation

  The Hunte Corporation employed their own engineer, Virgil Kiser, who invented a ventilation system prototype for the pet store chain. The system was first used in the Braintree store as Prototype A,. Prototype A never worked properly, it continually circulated the same air day after day, including the isolation room air that was suppose to contain airborne viruses - Kennel Cough. This was a major contributor for the puppies’ continued (and spreading) illnesses. The same ventilation system, Prototype A, was installed in the newly acquired Saugus, MA store, and also never worked properly.

   I complained to The Hunte Corporation, and Virgil came to Saugus, MA to inspect Prototype A. Upon the inspection, Virgil Kiser told me, in so many unrecognizable engineer words, and to my face he stated that Prototype A is not working properly, which he knew already from inspecting the same unit in the Braintree, MA store.  

 Virgil Kiser further explained that The Hunte Corporation was aware of the problems with Prototype A shortly after it was installed in Braintree, but had it installed in Saugus regardless of the death it would promote.

     In conclusion, Virgil Kiser wrote a report pertaining to the harmful effects that Prototype A contributed to the current illnesses and resistant viruses in both Woof & Co. Pet stores, by circulating canine kennel cough throughout both stores, Braintree and Saugus Massachusetts.

 However, trembling from the accusations  of Prototype A, and the repercussions of full disclosure, Joseph Versluceas knew the report could not continue its travels through the corporate chain of command.  Joey, as he was affectionately called, permanently altered Virgil Kiser’s report, terminating the truth, to say that Prototype A is a State-of-the -Art Ventilation System and actually recommended for future Woof & Co Pet Stores! OUTRAGEOUS!

   Upon realizing this fraudulent activity, I contacted Virgil at The Hunte Corporation, to inquire about the imposter report. In fear of losing his job,  Virgil Kiser cowered in defeat. He had given up on tens of thousands of sweet and innocent “Babies Born from Neglect,” evidently, he was fine with his inactivity in securing his character. Virgil Kiser has NO INTEGRITY and is a mere “PUPPET for a PAYCHECK”.

The Class B Broker

 Class B Brokers are large corporations that act as a middle-man, from the puppy mill breeders to the pet stores.

  As a multi-million dollar industry, the puppies come into this facility in Goodman, Missouri, already neglected.

  Knowingly, the Hunte corporation further stresses out the immune-compromised puppies by bathing, microchipping, vaccinating, deworming and often perform surgery for umbilical hernias. After an assembly-line of thousands of puppies, they are shipped out on 18-wheelers for their 7-10 day journey to the pet store that purchased them.  

 The drivers of these trucks are not medical staff, veterinarians, nor veterinary technicians. The puppies are unmonitored, untreated and often arrive at their destination dehydrated, covered in feces, starving for human contact and severely traumatized. Some of the puppies arrive dead.

 Water bottles are usually unknown to these puppies, and spend 7-10 days without drinking. Dry puppy food is thrown into their crates, without any regards to their appetite, which many do not eat or are not fed enough.



It’s because of consumers that puppy mills and pet stores are still in business.

2003 Me and My Pekingeses.

Chyna-Doll (L) and Elsa-Dolce.


The actual

Patriot Ledger

newspaper ad


The hunte Corpration is a Class B Broker.

AKA puppy mill exploiter.


The Midwest’s LOCAL AD

The Hunte Corporation is


  The Pet Store

 The puppies arrive to very excited, under paid and inexperienced and usually juvenile staff that is waiting for their late-night, secret arrival.

  The puppies’ crates are unloaded by the dozens and into the pet store’s isolation rooms, by stuffing 5-6 puppies in one 2 x 2 wire cage. The puppies then spend the next 48 hours in these cramped conditions, without even ever getting out to stretch their little legs or play. It’s mostly open the door, throw the food in and slam the cage door shut.

  Since the puppies do not get any exercise out of these cages, All of their energy must be disbursed in other ways, thus promoting behavior that is very difficult for them to forget and very hard to correct. Wire chewing, glass or surface chewing, biting their own bodies, biting other puppies, and eating feces are all the results of Boredom and energy combined. These traumatic situations produce mental and physical coping mechanisms.

  Individual medical records are not kept on any of the puppies, in any pet store, as it would be time-consuming and would produce mounds of paperwork. Also, it is not a requirement mandated by state regulations. Illegible hand-written scribbles are squeezed onto the puppy’s USDA purchase sheet. Vital information is ignored, thus not recorded. Important vitals signs could be a clear indicator of an individual puppy’s health and well-being, including appetites, weights and temperatures.

 The puppies are only taken out of their cages when customers ask to sit with them, in the ready-and-waiting puppy pens. Here the customers gets to sit with the puppy before purchasing it. Often times, the customers do not like the energetic puppies because they seeminlgy have no manners. But they willfully over-look is the way these puppies live their life in the pet store. So, the result is a puppy that stays in it’s cage all day long.

  The puppy playrooms are never disinfected between puppy visits, Nor is the public asked to wash hands before or after handling the puppies.

 The Veterinary staff usually comes from  vets from the local animal hospital. These vets are paid per visit, not per puppy, so they do not spend adequate time to carefully examine each puppy, and basically, they try to do the entire pet store puppy population in as little time as possible. I once witnessed a vet go thru 90 puppies in 45 minutes.

  The puppies can spend up to four to six months at the pet store, again, with no proper medical care or adequate daily exercise.

  All the different breeds of puppies are fed the same low-cost puppy diet of dry food twice daily. Large breeds are not fed Large Breed Puppy diets, and coupled with inadequate exercise, bone and physical deformities occur. The toy breeds are not fed 4-5 times daily, as required to avoid hypoglycemia, and are often emaciated.

 The large breed puppies often suffer the most physical damage, due to cage confinement. These puppies are growing quickly and deformities occur in their limbs, including carpal hyperextension, and painful panosteitis.

 Every puppy in a pet store suffers from muscle atrophy, from lack of exercise, as evident from t heir non-existent thigh muscles. These puppies have trouble controlling their limbs, and have low stamina. It takes months of daily exercise to bring them to a normal muscular state.

  The puppy prices are usually high, and often higher than a reputable breeders price,. Pet stores pay only a fraction of their sale price, for instance, the pet store pays $250 for a Labrador Retriever, and then sells it to the public for at least $1200. Keep in mind that these are puppy mill puppies, and no genetic screening or selective breeding is done. Hereditary diseases run rampant in puppy mill/pet store puppies.   

   Hip and elbow dysplasia, luxating patellas, fragmented coronoids, OCD lesions,  glaucoma,  and liver shunts are ignored by puppy mill breeders.

  The prices for the puppies only drop when they reaches a certain age, which is usually not until they are 6 months old, which can be devastating to a puppy. Often a $1400 Pekingese is marked down to $500 when it reaches six months old. Also, keep in mind that the pet stores do not count a puppy’s age by the week like they should, but only by the month, which can add weeks to the puppy’s already long stay.

 Who could knowingly cause all of these problems for innocent puppies? The pet store owners, of course! These type of people have no regard to the lifestyle of these puppies, nor of the childhood they endure. They keep ordering these puppies like they are ordering dinner.

These are the people that keep puppy mills in business.

With NO toys and NO blankets, how can you cuddle on a wire cage bottom?


Totally Isolated and Alone for 12-14 Hours Overnight.

Scared, Cold and hungry....
Alone in a cage
is all they know.







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