About Me


From my early twenties, I enjoyed being employed full-time as a Veterinary Technician since 1987. I started at the ground level as a Kennel Attendant/Receptionist/Assistant at a small 2 doctor animal hospital.  After a year and a half, I landed another job at a well-respected 24-hour hospital, South Shore Veterinary Associates (SSVA).

      SSVA  had 23 doctors plus 9 interns a year, over 40 staff members and 3 sister clinics.  I loved this job, it was fast-paced and very busy. I worked three twelve hour days and had my weekends off. While at this hospital, I acquired crucial knowledge in the veterinary field. I was involved with a variety of diagnostic and surgical procedures, supervising medical emergencies and treatment as well as empathetic client education. I spent eight years in this position, until the owner sold the practices to a larger veterinary chain.


South Shore Veterinary Associates


Attempting to Radiograph a Great Dane.


Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists


Inside the O.R. assisting with an Ulna Osteotomy.


 I resigned from VCA South Shore Animal Hospital so that I could follow my former boss to his newly opened Cape Cod Veterinary Associates, I was in charge of the Surgery Department and stayed for two years. Even after many years in this field, I still felt like there was a lot more to learn, which was not possible at this facility.  So I joined a much larger facility, even more well-known than any other animal hospital I worked at, the highly respected Angell Memorial Animal Hospital (now called Angel Animal Medical Center).

      It was very difficult to start over in a new facility, but I felt that I could be tough enough to endure the obvious “clicks” within the walls of this Boston animal hospital.  After two years as an Assistant Surgery Supervisor, I grew tired of all the red-tape and politics that went along with the job. I had gained as much knowledge as I could and it was time to move on.


  I spent the next two years working for a Veterinary Hospital Chain, The Healthy Pet Corporation included several animal hospitals spread out over western and southern Massachusetts.

   As a Technician Training Coordinator with ‘Healthy Pet’, The job involved short-stints in each of the hospitals a few weeks at a time and attempt to train and/or retrain their Veterinary Technicians...as well as some of their doctors. It was a turbulent job, in more ways than one, and I came across a gross number of Veterinary Technicians who didn’t even know the basics of veterinary medicine. Some of them had been Veterinary Technicians for over 20 years,  but they couldn’t even tell me a normal heart rate of a dog or cat. It was appalling and embarrassing to realize how little they knew and also how much they resisted education. After a year of witnessing the irreversible mistakes, blatant ignorance and rudeness from the Veterinarians and the Veterinary Technician staff  - I had enough.

    I decided to take a break from the Veterinary Industry, and started looking for something new, although I wanted to stay within my field of expertise. I browsed through online ads and the newspaper and I found an ad in the South Edition of The Patriot Ledger at a new Pet Store called Woof & Co. The ad was looking for sales people.

    After years of encountering very sick pet store puppies and warning people of the problems with such establishments...I decided that it was about time that I try to get the Inside Scoop. I wanted to know first-hand what really goes on at these Pet Stores.

   I interviewed with the District Manager, She hired me on the spot, and I started the next day as a Sales Associate.


  I learned from the very beginning that the puppies were acquired through a Class B Broker, The Hunte Corporation. Most of the puppies arrived Sick with Nasal discharge crusted onto their Tiny Little Faces. Many were emaciated and covered in feces.  

   The Hunte Corporation was located in Goodman, Missouri and gathered hundreds of puppies from thousands of Puppy Mill Breeders across the Midwest.

   The things I saw sickened me, and only intrigued me to find out more. The District Manager liked me so much, that after two months I was offered a Store Manager position at a new location,, in Saugus, Ma.

   I knew that if I accepted this position, I could finally get my hands on a ton of secret information, which I ended-up acquiring from both Pet Stores, with the help of another (anonymous) Store Manager.

     It took them three months to Fire me, but by then, I already had the required “Mounds of Evidence” against them. With the help of numerous Animal Activists, Dog Magazines, and News Channels,  the Entire Chain of FOURTEEN Stores, was CLOSED DOWN, due to Multiple Neglect Complaints and Failure to Comply with Massachusetts State Laws.


 My Woof & Co. Experience lasted Two Years and after that - I was exhausted.

After a summer working in Construction, I finally decided to go back to the Veterinary Industry. Even with all the Family Politics ...I took a position with my former boss, at his Specialty Surgical Practice.

   I loved my career and busted my hump to Manage the Surgery Department. Six years later I  was injured on the job by lifting a 104 pound Rottweiler cross that was recovering from ACL surgery.

Suddenly, my Veterinary Technical career came to an end.


Angell Memorial animal Hospital


Patient Induction with Propofol.


 During my entire career as a Veterinary Technician,  I had several Part-Time jobs, in and out of the Veterinary Industry.

  I often took jobs at Small Animal Hospitals for curiosity purposes only. But I also had several Spokesmodel and Fitness jobs on nights and weekends.


Woof & Co. Would have been better off as a Pet Supply Store instead of a Pet Store.

At Healthy Pet, I worked with many Beautiful Birds!


Boston Veterinary Specialists


Assisting with an elbow arthroscope for an OCD lesion.


Go-Go Dancer 1990-1994

Ring Card Girl 1992-1997

GBM Spokesmodel 1991-1995

Fitness Model 1993-1999

All That Glitters Model 1993